Award from a Friend – Liebster Award

A few days ago, I got this award from mas Ryan. So firstly, I like to thank mas Ryan for give me this award. I don’t really good in English. It’s been a really long time since the last time I make a note in English. Of course there will be many lacks in this post. So let’s make it short.

The rules are simple, just follow these following:

  1. Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog that nominated you. I think I already left a comment on the post πŸ™‚
  2. Copy and paste the Liebster logo onto your blog (okay)
  3. Link back to the blogger who nominated you Answer the 11 questions put to you by the person who nominated you. (see below)
  4. List 11 random facts about yourself (okey)
  5. Nominate and link to 3β€”11 other blogs you enjoy that have less than 3000 followers (let’s see, who will I nominate for this one)
  6. List 11 questions for your Liebster Award nominees on your blog (hmm.. should I?)
  7. Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog (will do)

Now I will answer the questions:

  1. What is your unique nickname from your friends? I never have a particular nickname. But recently, one of my friend call me Nong-nong. It’s because I have a wide forehead which is we sometimes call “Jidat Nong-nong”
  2. Money or health (can’t choose both). Health of course.
  3. Employee or entrepreneur (also can’t choose both). For now, I work as an employee in a local company. But I always think that I should learn to be enterpreneur.
  4. How do you see yourself in next 5 years? Example: as a Store Manager. In next five years, I will see my self as a woman who happily married with one or two children. Still working in my company, chasing my career.
  5. Cook by yourself or go to restaurant for anniversary with spouse? Go to restaurant with spouse
  6. Your favorite writer for all time is…wew, it’s hard to answer this question. I have many favourite writer.
  7. Coffee or tea (no other choice, only this two) and why? Tea. I like coffee but sometimes it makes me feel dizzy and my stomach bloating.
  8. Which one you prefer for holiday, beach or mountain? Beach
  9. How many children would you like? Boy or girl? Three. One boy and two girls or two boys and one girl
  10. Whom you want to spend your last day of your life with and why? Why only one person? The last day in your life should be spent with our beloved.
  11. What is the thing you are passionate about in life? I’m not really sure about this. But I still have a dream to be a writer.

Random fact about me:

First child in my family, born in April, have 2 siblings, bachelor of Engineering, a cat lover, book lover, love to watch Bollywood movie, sleepy head, have a habit to bite my nails when I have to think, interested in sewing and crocheting, still struggling in managing money.

Next step, make 11 questions and nominate 3 – 11 blogs to do this awards. So here are my 11 questions:

1. What is your favourite food?

2. What is your favourite movie?

3. Which city you want to visit?

4. What other people say about you?

5. Ice cream or chocolate?

6. When you have to eat with somebody, what you choose. Side by side or face to face?

7. TV or no TV?

8. What is your favourite car?

9. Big city or small city?

10. Fitness or running?

11. Yout favourite quote from books or movies?

Last, I will give this award and so the question to these 3 bloggers. Faziazen, Museliem, and mba Arni.

PS: the post should be in English

23 thoughts on “Award from a Friend – Liebster Award

  1. Kalo soal kopi, mendingan kalo abis minum kopi minum air putih. Ga perlu deh pusing2 dan perut ga enak lagi. Soalnya dulu gw problemnya sama kalo abis ngopi. Sekarang sih engga, karena minum air putih setelahnya itu.
    Selamat mencoba!

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